Hip Replacement

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Total Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement surgery is the procedure of choice for patients with debilitating arthritis of the hip. If your pain is persistent, you may want to discuss total hip replacement with your doctor. The primary goals of our hip surgery specialists are to treat your pain, restore motion and return you to your active lifestyle in a safe and comfortable fashion.

Total hip replacement is a common operation with a very high success rate. It is important to remember that it is a major operation and a thorough medical evaluation prior to surgery is required. Current prostheses are made of a combination of metals, plastic or ceramics. Our surgeons are specifically trained in the use of state-of-the-art instruments and surgical techniques that optimize your prospect for a durable, long-lasting hip. Large femoral ball diameters, minimally invasive approaches and ceramic and metal bearings are just a few of the technologies in which our surgeons maintain their expertise. It is our mission to customize your surgery by selecting the components that best fit your level of activity and lifestyle goals.

Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery

Hip replacements are now routinely accomplished through smaller incisions. The use of less invasive surgical techniques means less pain, shorter recovery times and a faster return to activity. For some patients, outpatient surgery may even be an option.

Anterior Hip Replacement

One of the minimally invasive techniques is the anterior approach for hip replacement. Referring to the direction the hip is approached during surgery, this method allows hip replacement to be done from the front of the joint without cutting any muscles, allowing for a faster and easier recovery process. It also significantly reduces the possibility of future hip dislocation. Dr. Salyapongse and ValleyCare are recognized on the West Coast as an Anterior Hip Replacement Learning Center. Surgeons have traveled from all over the country to learn this revolutionary technique from Dr. Salyapongse and the ValleyCare surgical team.


Therapists have received specialized total hip replacement training of the highest quality. Each therapist will personally design a customized exercise program that will assist you in swiftly reaching your activity goals. Preoperative teaching classes, postoperative rehabilitation protocols designed specifically for total hip replacements and outpatient rehabilitation centers of excellence all provide for an unmatched recuperation experience.

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