3-D Breast Ultrasound

Digital mammography

If you have dense breast tissue or a history of breast disease, you may benefit from screening with 3-D breast ultrasound.

Having dense breast tissue increases a woman's risk for breast cancer up to five times. Ultrasound is helpful because it has the unique ability to distinguish between dense and fatty tissue. It's also nonionizing, which means it doesn't expose you to radiation.

The Women's Imaging Center at ValleyCare uses the Acuson S2000 ABVS, the world's first multifunctional ultrasound breast scanner. This technology creates accurate, three-dimensional images and helps detect breast cancer early, especially among women who have dense breast tissue.

The test is quick and painless. Typically three scans are taken, and the entire exam is usually completed within an hour.

ValleyCare has been designated a Center of Excellence for Breast Imaging by the American College of Radiology and has received full accreditation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers administered by the American College of Surgeons. For more information, download a Breast Center of Excellence brochure.

Mammograms Are Still Important

While a 3-D breast ultrasound can be helpful for some women, it should be done along with mammography, not instead of it.

Mammograms are time-tested and proven to be effective in the fight against breast cancer. While mammograms may not detect all cancers, they can show calcifications and other abnormalities that aren't as well detected by ultrasound. A mammogram can also determine if you have dense breast tissue and might benefit from additional screening with ultrasound.

Self-Referral Available

Women who have dense breast tissue or a history of breast disease may self-refer for a 3-D ultrasound screening for a cash price.

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